TwinTorq OEM drivetrains for commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs) extend battery driving range and runtime, or can provide equivalent range or runtime using smaller batteries.

TwinTorq can provide up to 45% more range/runtime between recharges for EVs with high frequency start-stop drive cycles.  The TwinTorq motor system can be scaled to most EV weight classes, from 2,000 lbs. to over 60,000 lbs.


Electric Vehicle applications include:

  • Buses: City, Shuttle and School.
  • Trucks: Garbage/Recycling, Beverage, Parcel/Freight.
  • Forklifts: All weight classes.
  • Other: Yard/Port Hostlers, Aircraft Pushback Tugs.
  • Smaller Vehicles: Mail Vans, Taxis.