TorqPakRetrofit Hybrid Systems for Frequent-Start-Stop Vehicles


TorqPak retrofit hydraulic hybrid systems for existing Diesel vehicles reduce fuel consumption in Class 6, 7 & 8 trucks and buses by up to 35%, delivering quick paybacks, higher ROI and significant environmental benefits.

Fleets of existing vehicles need affordable fuel-cost solutions. The TorqPak retrofit hybrid installs in one day with no major chassis or drivetrain modifications. For the price of ONE new hybrid vehicle, fleets can retrofit MULTIPLE existing vehicles to multiply fuel and emissions savings.

  • Reduces Diesel Fuel Consumption by up to 35% (depending on vehicle drive cycle).
  • Reduces Exhaust Emissions & Brake Wear.
  • Short Payback Periods with Attractive ROI.
  • Fast, One Day Installation.
  • Enables Hybridization of Existing Fleets.
  • For the cost of ONE new hybrid vehicle fleets can retrofit MULTIPLE vehicles and  multiply fuel savings.


Hybrid vehicles are proven to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

New heavy hybrid vehicles are becoming available from truck and bus manufacturers (OEMs).  However, due to expensive hybrid premiums – the cost of the hybrid system over a comparable non-hybrid vehicle – the ROI is low and hybrid adoption is currently around 1% of new vehicle sales.
KersTech is a parallel hybrid retrofit for Class 6, 7 and 8 Diesel engined vehicles with frequent start-stop drive cycles, such as city, school and shuttle buses, and refuse, delivery and beverage trucks.  The KersTech system also offers fuel savings to military, construction, agricultural, mining, yard/port hostlers, and industrial/commercial vehicles
The TorqPak Hybrid Drive and Energy Recovery design enables the use of Large Diameter, Flat-Format (LDFF), high efficiency, high torque hydraulic and electric motors in limited chassis and driveline space. The KersTech system is non-invasive and can be installed within two work shifts.

Retrofits offer fuel savings for a fraction of new hybrid vehicle cost.



  • Significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions by up to 35% (depending on vehicle weight and drive cycle).
  • Significantly reduce brake pad/lining wear (estimated 40% plus).
  • Offers higher ROI and quicker paybacks (depending on annual mileage, fuel price).
  • Provides powerful retarder function in severe or emergency braking situations.


  • Offers hybrid performance at a fraction of the cost of new OEM hybrids.
  • Enables hybrid retrofits to rear-engine city and school buses, coaches.
  • Based on proven technologies and materials for durability, reliability and safety.