TwinTorqElectric-Hydraulic Motor

Extended Range for Electric Vehicles, Extended Life for Batteries.

The TwinTorq motor for Electric Vehicles reduces power demand on the battery by replacing low efficiency electric energy with high efficiency hydraulic energy during launch and low speed acceleration. This preserves battery energy to extend driving range by up to 45%, depending on the vehicle’s drive cycle, or enables the use of smaller batteries for equivalent range.

And by using hydraulics for high torque launch acceleration, the batteries stays stronger for longer, with extended longevity.

The TwinTorq motor integrates electric and hydraulic technologies in a single motor to reduce component count, weight and size. TwinTorq motor designs are based on established, proven technologies and components, making them safe, robust and reliable.

  • Up to 45% more energy efficient than conventional electric motors in high-frequency start-stop drive cycles.
  • Enables greatly increased battery driving range and runtime, or the use of smaller batteries for equivalent range.
  • Uses hydraulics for launch acceleration and regenerative braking to preserve electric energy for driving range.
  • Utilizes our patented 90° gearset architecture for low height space utilization and low Center of Gravity.