Kerstech Vehicle Systems

Our Drive is Our Passion

KersTech* develops and manufactures high-efficiency energy-regeneration drivetrains.  For Electric Vehicles our electric-hydraulic motor technology saves battery energy to maximize driving range and runtime.  For existing in-service Diesel vehicles our TorqPak retrofit hydraulic hybrid systems minimize fuel consumption to reduce cost and emissions.

*KERS – Kinetic Energy Regeneration Systems – it’s what we do.

Kerstech Vehicle SystemsElectric-Hydraulic Drivetrains for
Frequent-Start-Stop Electric Vehicles

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Kerstech Vehicle Systems

Market: Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

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KersTech Vehicle SystemsRetrofit Hybrid Drivetrains for
Frequent-Start-Stop Heavy Vehicles

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KersTech Vehicle Systems

Market: Class 6, 7 & 8 Bus & Truck Fleets

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KersTech Drivetrains Save Energy, Extend Driving Range, Reduce Emissions, and Pay for Themselves.